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Licensed users of EngSolutions RCB V8 may download the latest software version (v8.8.0) using the links below

RCB.exe :


Finite.dll : 

To update your program RCB v8.0 + please download files RCB.exe and Finite.dll, and save them (SAVE not RUN) in the folder where the program is installed, overwriting the existing files in such location.

License users of EngSolutions RCB v6 and v7 should contact us to upgrade to Version 8

As part of our commitment with the structural community we have made in version 8 a full implementation of the seismic and wind load provisions of the new ASCE7-10 standard, 2011 PR Building Code, NSR-10 (COL) seismic building code, MOPC DGRS R-001 (DOM) seismic code, AGIES NSE 10 (GUA) seismic code, NEC-2015 (ECU) seismic code, CSCR-10 (CR) seismic code, E.030 Seismic Norm (PER). In addition, we have developed in our program, innovative procedures, not available in any other structural program, which dramatically ease the rigorous application of the provisions of these recent codes.

Implementation of the seismic provisions of ASCE7-10/05 standard, PR Building Code, NSR-10, DGRS R-001, and AGIES NSE-10 seismic codes in EngSolutions RCB includes:

  • Automatic determination of structural irregularities
    • vertical irregularity type 1a — Soft story
    • vertical irregularity type 1b — Extreme soft story
    • vertical irregularity type 2a — Mass irregularity
    • vertical irregularity type 5a — Weak story
    • vertical irregularity type 5b — Extreme weak story
    • horizontal irregularity type 1a — Torsional irregularity
    • horizontal irregularity type 1b — Extreme torsional irregularity
  • Automatic calculation of coefficients for amplification of accidental eccentricity Ax
  • Automatic determination of redundancy factors
  • Automatic generation of equivalent static seismic forces according to the new design response spectrum
  • Seismic spectral analysis based on new design response spectrum
  • Dynamic Time-history analysis
  • Automatic verification of lateral drifts
  • Automatic generation of new design load combinations
  • Automatic generation of design load combinations for elements that support discontinuous vertical elements and for cases that require the application of overstrength factor Ωo
  • Seismic design of structural walls and its boundary elements according to the method of deformations of ACI 318-08
  • Design of beams and reinforced concrete columns according to the new provisions of ACI 318-08
  • DXF Files with proposed reinforcement detailing for beams
  • Computation of long-term deflections on beams per ACI-318

Implementation of the Wind provitions according to ASCE7/-10/05 Standard, PR-2011 code, NSR-10 and REP-04 codes, in EngSolutions RCB includes:

  • Automatic generation of wind forces for the main wind-force-resisting-system, using the analytical procedure
  • Reduction of wind forces by the directional factor and selection of appropriate load factor in the generation of design load combinations
  • Application of accidental eccentricity for modeling non-uniform pressures
  • Envelope of the solution for several wind load cases

Other recent additions to the program

  • Creation of the model from a plant imported from an AutoCAD file of structural axes
  • Interactive generation of complex structural models drawing the floor slab contours and structural axes
  • Command to save design load combinations
  • Analysis of structures with deformable diaphragms
  • New commands for generating envelopes of internal forces in elements
  • Temperature Loads
  • 3D Solid View of the structural model
  • Interactive relocation of nodes
  • Dynamic Zoom using the mouse wheel
  • Visualization of the area of each slab element
  • Proposal for the reinforcement detailing of beams in dxf


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