EngSolutions RCB 

EngSolutions RCB is a structural engineering - software for 3D analysis and design of reinforced concrete buildings. EngSolutions RCB consists of several modules integrated into an exceptionally easy to use software package. Through EngSolutions RCB's graphical interface, it is possible to easily create, analyze and design complex building structures for earthquake and wind forces, according to different building codes.

EngSolutions GEO 

EngSolutions GEO is a nonlinear finite element program for the two dimensional analysis of deformation and stability of geotechnical problems. The program models the nonlinear, stress-level-dependent stress-strain behavior of soils and rocks, and considers the effects of in-situ stresses and the geological stress history of the site on soil stiffness.

EngSolutions TUNNEL

EngSolutions TUNNEL is an easy to use program for estimating the deformation and stability of a circular tunnel excavated in water bearing ground, and for visualizing the hydromechanical tunnel interaction with various support systems. 

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