EngSolutions, Inc is a consulting and software company founded in 1992 by University of Illinois Civil Engineering Graduate Dr. Ricardo E. Barbosa (MS 1985, Ph.D. 1990). The firm specializes in structural and geotechnical engineering and has become an established leader in the development of engineering software with emphasis in seismic design. EngSolutions software products have a proven track record of improving the profitability of engineering firms and enhancing the efficiency of regulatory building agencies. 

The first version of our structural software, RC Buildings, was released in 1992. It introduced a new standard in user friendliness for input and robustness of calculation procedures. A completely re-written version was released in 1994, RCBE, which included implementation of the seismic provisions of almost all the existing building codes in the Americas. The latest series of the software, EngSolutions RCB,  was released in 2000 as a native windows application. 


Through the continuous development of this product and with the feedback of thousands of users throughout the world, EngSolutions RCB has become a mature and stable software system that has been trusted in the design of numerous prestigious projects all over the world. 

Our software is widely used in the main seismic areas of the Western Hemisphere by design offices, universities, research institutions and government agencies. Its user friendliness, powerful analytical capabilities, solid solution algorithms, extensive validation, and strong technical support have created an extensive satisfied user base. 

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